Wanna bet? You will be pleased!

Spare yourself the trouble of time-consuming research!
At any rate you will save a lot of time, but, what’s more important, in most cases you will also save money if you call us straight away. We will look at the variety of sliding bearings and, based on your requirements, pick the perfect product, the optimal solution, including viable alternatives. We can do this thanks to the close cooperation with leading manufacturers and an intimate understanding of the market.

Benefit from our know-how!
You will sometimes find it hard to believe what we recommend. But you will be pleased! Thanks to our know-how, our experience and flexibility we will not only provide you with high-quality products but also with tangible competitive advantages. We will find the perfect solution for you, also under commercial aspects.

Exploit rationalization potential!
For us, standard means top quality at fair prices. Admitting anything else to our warehouse is out of the question. It took us many years of trying, optimizing, and perfecting in practice to bring all our products to such a high quality level. We worked intensively on establishing an effective warehousing for all standard products, so today we can dispatch standard bearings within one day. Our customers benefit from this by exploiting rationalization potential, which enables them to increase the competitiveness of their organization.

Individual manufacture of bearings
The continuous change in drive technology often requires the manufacturing of individual bearings. For these specific manufactures, our customers gladly take advantage of our detailed knowledge of materials and production processes and of our excellent relations to manufacturers.