Much more than a metal sheet


Roller-burnished metal sheets

We manufacture roller-burnished sliding bearings in accordance with DIN ISO 3547. We can manufacture any intermediate size with diameters between 100 mm and 600 mm. In general, the basic material is a 2.5-mm-thick metal sheet for composite bearings. We also manufacture other roller-burnished products made of CuSn8 at our customers’ request.

For individual applications in a wide variety of industries:

Manufacturing process 

There are many applications in which standard sliding bearings cannot be used, because catalogue items would not fit. Lohmann shortens and cuts the standard sliding bearings to the desired lengths.

Manufacturing process 
Roller burnishing

The roller-burnishing of sliding bearing bushings has the advantage that there are hardly any limits with regard to the diameters and lengths of the bushings. In general, Lohmann processes material with a wall thickness of 2.5 mm; other wall thicknesses are also available. Lohmann can manufacture any desired size with diameters between 100 mm and 600 mm.

Manufacturing process 
Water-jet cutting & machining

Other than the roller burnishing and shortening of sliding bearings, we also use different other manufacturing possibilities. Thanks to our state-of-the-art turning- and milling machines we can finish any sliding element to customer’s specifications by notching lubrication grooves and by drilling holes and counterbores. Likewise, critical parts are water-jet cut.

The basic material

On the in-house plate shear, Lohmann manufactures all blanks using Glycodur F, Glycodur RB, Glycodur A and single-metal CuSn8 as basic materials.