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AI in medium-sized companies

Did Leonardo da Vinci already know about AI? No!

AI is everywhere. We also asked ourselves to what extend AI can help us in our process optimization.

After our technical manager Mr. Jörn Kuhlenbeck had already contacts with SmartFactory in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute last year, we are now also in contact with University Bielefeld.

Visiting Prof. Dr. Ing. Jürgen Sauser together with our technical draftsman Mrs. Kathrin Schulz from engineering and our trainee Mr. Mustafa Miradil, he gave us great insights into digital technologies and AI in daily work processes.

To get back to the initial question “did Leonardo da Vinci already know about AI”.

Jürgen Sauser demonstrated our Team at HSBI the machine whispering using AI using an example of Leonardo da Vinci – the push crank.

Thank you very much for the demonstration and the open and informative exchange.