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How can a plain bearing protect the habitat of a 50 million year old mamal?

When working on oil platforms and wind turbines, pile driving and drilling activities generate high sound pressure levels under water.

A whale – depending on the species – can hear up to 2.000 kilometers. This corresponds to the distance from Hamburg to Naples.

In order to greatly reduce noise emissions, a bubble curtain is artificially created using a compressed air hose. This compressed air hose produces very small bubbles and thus form a bubble curtain. This consequently breaks the sound emission and thereby greatly reduces the sound level.

These compressed air hoses are laid by ships that have special winches and drums for unwinding these air hoses. The bearing for these drums was developed a long time ago together with Lohmann and has been an integral part of this technology ever since.

In this case, a maintenance-free use is desired in order to prevent further dirt emissions.

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Film „Big Bubble Curtain“, Hydrotechnik Lübeck GmbH