What moves us ...

Our new Logo shows our Inner!

Why is Lohmann investing in external representation in these times? Because we want to make visible how Lohmann has developed. The goal to establish Lohmann as a recognized manufacturer in the market we have achieved. As a niche manufacturer and “just in time” partner we are regarded nowadays as exemplary company among experts.

Of course, this took efforts and investment. The key to achieve our goals was and will be also in future the quality in all divisions of our company. In service, in engineering and development, in production and in customer relationship. To represent all this we have developed the “Q” as our trade mark.

This “Q” also is in our new Logo and symbolize all what we stand for: uncompromising quality and reliability.

Our new image brochure focuses on what Lohmann is today: The specialist in the design and manufacture of individual plain bearings and assemblies!