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Our trainee project – customer acquisition

„Learning by doing“ still is the best way to learn and gain experience.

We learn a lot here, both in theory and in practice. The colleagues all are very kind and patiently familiarize us with all fields. After a short time we are working already quite independently within the team. However, what many young people like us are struggling with at the beginning is actively approaching customers and potential buyer.

Therefore, we have had a great trainee project now at Lohmann for this.

Together with our technical manager, Mr. Kuhlenbeck, we visited the EuroBlech in Hanover. Here we were able to get a good overview about the technology, products and companies.

After the fair, we evaluated all information and created a list of potential customers. Now it was about to find out the appropriate contact persons. Afterwards we contacted them by telephone in order to introduce our company. When interested, we sent by email further information such as our company brochure or detailed contact information.

At the end we presented our evaluation and experiences to the sales team in a presentation.

We realized that there are different ways to approach potential customers and also experienced the obstacles of customer acquisition.

However, due to the different calls we could get more self-confident and we could gain experiences that will help us in our everyday business.