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Successful customer management - this is how we do it!

In the following, we would like to give you some insight into our daily “to-do” in the implementation of a customer-supplier management system.

Today we would like to introduce the company Mahr from Göttingen, renowned i.a. as a reputable manufacturer for production measurement technology. In 2017, we were entrusted with a special task.

Due to problems with a competitor’s semi-finished products, we were approached with an enquiry regarding our possibilities in the field. The enquiry involved customer-specific sliding bearings on the basis of steel/bronze/polytetrafluorethylene, to be provided and handled completely by Lohmann in connection with various manufacturing mechanisms.

In order to guarantee a backlash-free linear guiding that works under constant friction, together with the customer we examined every single sliding bearing with regard to its technical use. For this, the manufacturing processes were adapted to the special requirements. By combining the most diverse manufacturing processes, such as die-cutting, water-jet cutting, turning and milling with special tools, we managed to fulfil the particularly high quality requirements.

The handling and the logistics of the single sliding elements presented additional challenges. At the same time, there were the special requirements. It should be mentioned that the sliding bearings are only a few millimetres in diameter. The customer required individual packaging for each sliding bearing, including prior deburring and surface cleaning. The engineering departments of Mahr and Lohmann worked closely together, so the challenges could be mastered to the customer’s utmost satisfaction. Today, Mahr relies exclusively on the semi-finished Glycodur products. In addition to being lead-free, the product is also in compliance with RoHS and is manufactured without solvents. For the good of the environment.